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Royal Commission COVID-19 lessons learned

“We know the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effects on all New Zealanders, and the Inquiry is focused on delivering recommendations for the Government that will help to strengthen our overall pandemic preparedness.

“The Inquiry is looking at a wide range of topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we recognise there may be specific topics that people would like considered and which could be included, or clarified, in our terms of reference.

“We are supporting the Government by consulting with the New Zealand public, on its behalf, about expanding the COVID-19 Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. This consultation will take place alongside our planned public submissions process to hear from people about their COVID-19 experiences, which will launch shortly.

“We recognise that, as a result of this consultation, the Inquiry may be asked to look at additional aspects of the COVID-19 response, and we’ll work with the Government on what that might look like once public feedback has been considered.

“Through our public submissions process, we encourage people to share their stories of the pandemic directly with us. An important part of the Inquiry’s work is to understand what happened to people and why, so that lessons can be learned for the future – and we look forward to hearing what the New Zealand public have to say.”


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