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Slow March for Life – Restore Passenger Rail

Today at noon Restore Passenger Rail supporters will Slowly March along Queen Street beginning at Mayoral Drive. Police and traffic officers have been informed.

“We are marching for life” says spokesperson Robin Bealing.

“We invite all people concerned about climate breakdown to join us. This moment is pivotal. Whatever shape the new government takes they have signalled their intention to roll back climate policy such as the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration and the clean car discount. People around the world are seeing the feebleness of their governments’ responses to the climate crisis. Many thousands of ordinary people are stepping up and we are joining them.”

Restore Passenger Rail supporters demand that the incoming government restore affordable and reliable national passenger rail services, along with making urban public transport free and more convenient than driving.

“These demands are just the start – low-hanging fruit for climate action to make a better future for all of us.” said Bealing, and adds:

“The grandfather of climate science, Dr James Hansen, said in a report this month that the 1.5-degree limit to global heating is ‘dead as a doornail’ but that the ‘2-degree limit can be rescued, only with the help of purposeful actions.'”

Today’s Slow March comes with a special callout to the people of Tāmaki Makaurau to join them in further upcoming action. Auckland residents this year experienced first hand the floods, storms and landslides, made worse by the continued pumping of CO2 into our atmosphere – a year’s worth of rain in the first six months of 2023.

“It’s now or never,” said Bealing. “Either we are actively in resistance, on the side of life, or we are complicit with a government that is aiding and abetting disastrous climate breakdown and immense suffering. It’s time to organise, and together build a fairer, safer world.

“Young people like me have the most to lose, so we call on all students, young people, and older people who wish to support them, to hit the streets. We refuse to let our new government lead us passively towards catastrophic climate breakdown. We choose life.”


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