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Speak Up for Women welcome coalition agreement push to protect sport for women and girls

Speak Up for Women (SUFW) are pleased to see that the National led coalition government is planning to implement its agreed policy relating to trans-identifying males in women’s sport.

The headlines surrounding this announcement are indicative of the media’s continuing refusal to state the truth about the situation – simply put, that males will not be able to compete or participate in sport within a category designated for females.

The public agree, various polling has shown that the vast majority of New Zealanders do not think that biological males should be allowed in women’s sport.

Sporting categories are what makes sport accessible to all, we have age, weight and sex categories that mean that virtually everyone can participate. This is what makes sport inclusive. We have mixed competitions up until the age where the benefits of male puberty kick in and where fairness becomes an issue. This ensures that women and girls can participate in a fair and equitable way and will not be discouraged from competing. We have adult mixed teams and competitions where appropriate and sports are able to include open categories if they wish.

We encourage sporting organisations to look for ways to be inclusive, so that the maximum number of people can participate and enjoy all that sport has to offer. However, sport is a zero-sum game and including males in a female competition is a direct conflict.

We call on the Minister for Sport Hon Chris Bishop to include women and girls when he begins discussions with the sporting bodies, their voices should not be ignored.


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