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Strong local advocate for Lyttelton throws name in the ring for by-election

Vicki Tahau-Paton has put her name forward as the Lyttleton representative on Te Pātaka Rākaihautū Banks Peninsula Community Board, for the by-election being held early next year.

Nominations closed on December 22nd and voting which will be conducted by post, opens on January 26 and closes at noon on February 17th.

Tahau-Paton says this is a critical time for Lyttelton; one the country’s “unique and most diverse” towns, which needs an effective representative for those who live, work and play there.

“Whakaraupō Lyttelton Harbour and the town itself are an amazing combination of a bustling working port while also being a close-knit community with a colourful, confident spirit,” she says.

“A cultural hub, a buzzing domestic and international visitor magnet, with families and passionate community groups – Lyttelton must be ready for the future. Balancing the needs and wants of so many will take a strong and informed advocate to represent all of those voices, and I believe that voice is mine,” she says.

Ms Tahau-Paton is a long time Lyttelton resident and longtime member of the Lyttelton Harbour Business Association and former Chairperson. She understands the concerns and issues facing the local community very well.

“The strong voices representing various issues in Lyttelton are one of the things I love about our community. We are passionate about this place and our people; what I offer is a way to bridge some of the different views so we can have an even stronger, resilient and successful town,” she says.

Some of the key issues Ms Tahau-Paton believes need addressing include improving roads and walkways like the Bridle Path, planning much better for the increasing numbers of tourists and visitors, and thinking outside the square when it comes to taking advantage of the unique opportunities for Lyttelton.

“We must all work, live and play together and in that I include our local and international visitors,” she says. “Let’s look how we can make things work for us, not how they can’t and won’t. That’s defeatist and negative. With every challenge there is opportunity. As a local board member, I want to work with everyone to harness the opportunities that are the best for Lyttelton as a whole.”


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