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The New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party congratulates the new coalition government

“We are pleased to see polices to address some of the many concerns we have raised over the last few years” says Co-leader Sue Grey. “We made a huge commitment to exposing law reforms by the Ardern government that undermined fundamental rights of New Zealanders, and trust in government. We are relived to see that the new government agrees and has committed to repealing some of the worst examples such as the Therapeutic Products Act, changes to the firearm laws, removing some of the red tape for farmers, and allowing sequestration of carbons to be recognised.

We are pleased about the widening of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Covid Response and that it will now include review of the efficacy of the vaccines. However despite the petition of our Board member Aly Cook with almost 25,000 signatures it appears that the government has not yet agreed to review the safety of the Pfizer vaccine or address how the vaccine injured will be compensated.

Aly Cook, Sue Grey, Tracy Livingston and our NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party team have done an enormous amount of work through the courts and through parliamentary processes to expose the scale of harm and better investigate the 65,000 reports of harm to the CARM register that were reported before November 2022 when government regulator ceased publishing reports on Covid vaccine injuries and raise public awareness of the risks and alternatives and the need for informed consent to any medical treatment.

We will continue to work hard to ensure that everyone who was vaccine injured is given the best possible treatment and are compensated for harm suffered.

We look forward to continuing to work to promote human rights and kiwi culture.


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