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‘Trip to Aus must prioritise peace and decolonisation, not new weapons’

“Foreign Minister Winston Peters and Defence Minister Judith Collins’ trip to Australia for a joint meeting with their Australian counterparts must prioritise the real security concerns in the Pacific region. This means peace, decolonisation and climate justice. Any talk about signing up for AUKUS is a straight line to war and weapons spending,” said Valerie Morse, member of Peace Action Wellington.

“50 Prominent Australians including former Government Ministers have this week expressed grave concerns about AUKUS in an open letter to the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. They encourage the Australian government to engage in active peacemaking between the US and China instead.”

“Why are our Foreign Minister and Defence Minister even talking about AUKUS? It is just another attempt by the US to dominate the region and sell more weapons. It offers no security for the actual issues we face collectively. Instead it offers more of the military devastation our Pacific neighbours are all too familiar with.”

“AUKUS is a total waste of time and energy for this government. New Zealand needs to be focused on upholding international law and promoting disarmament. A little principled foreign policy from this government would go a long way.”

“At a time when we are seeing unprecedented devastation from climate change that is killing people and destroying whole communities, our focus must be on actual security for the great peoples of the South Pacific region including here at home.”

“We have no time to waste in finding just solutions for climate change.”

“We cannot afford militarism. It is a failed idea. It does not work because it does not solve any of the underlying challenges we face. Instead it brings the horror of war home. Working for justice is the way to peace: it always has been.”


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